Thursday, March 12, 2009

MICA's Impromptu Photography Show

This year MICA is being evaluated by the Middle States Accrediting Association. This means two things: janitors work overtime polishing things that don't need polishing, and every department puts together a sampling of work for the accrediting board. This year, the photography department did an amazing job of putting together a show that looks pretty spectacular. The best part about it was that nothing was planned and as people were coming in for classes we would ask "do you have something you want to go in this show?" and it literally still looks as if it was curated.

This is Allison Gardner's work. She has her subjects pose for a photograph, then sit in the same position for a period of time before taking the next photo. She is working on this for our thesis class. In a weird way, her concept kind of reminds me of mine. While her project reflects short time span changes and more refers to classic studio portraiture, and my project uses someone else's photographs, we are in essence doing something interesting with the 'difference' between.

This is my friend Danielle Lopez. She is looking at the Commencement Exhibition proposal for our thesis work. It was due today. Oh Jesus, right?

This is Emily Wandres'. She is photographing couples with one hour exposures. I know that that is all she would want me to say about it. She's currently working on titling the entire series, however, these working titles are all couples first names alphabetically.

This is Amber Caroll's work. Her work delves into issues focusing on African American culture and possible racial issues that exist both within and beyond the African American community.

Oh and there's mine, "The Glass Ceiling." How bad is it that I only knew the title of my own work. I need to get better at blogging.

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