Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Step Up 2: The Streets" at MICA?

The plotline of Step Up 2 is thinly held together by a short appearance from Channing Tatum who starred in the first installment. I use the word ‘installment’ here because the franchise is soon to be a trilogy in 2010 [why?]. Anyways, Step Up is centered around a school in Baltimore called Maryland School of the Arts (MSA) which is based on a real school called Baltimore School of the Arts (BSA). In this movie, MSA is planning to build a ‘new building’ and they are attempting to raise money for this move.

The building that they are raising money in order to construct is in fact the already-in-existence Brown Center at the Maryland Institute College of Art, which has nothing to do with the movie at all. In addition to this strange fundraiser for a building, which already exists, the actual event takes place in the MICA Main Building, which is located across the street from the Brown Center.

A side note, trying to throw a fundraiser for the construction of the building should be slightly offense to the Eddie and Sylvia Brown Family, even it it’s just for the sake of this movie, because the money donated for the real Brown Center made its mark as being the largest African American gift by any single family in US history.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


This year's JC ARTIST STUDIO TOUR is pretty gnarly though I must admit it is my first tour experience. Being in Baltimore at MICA for 4 years really did separate me from the artist community in Jersey City; Ironically however, it was what made it possible to ever be a part of it.
My work was housed at 143 Chris Columbus Drive in Jersey City, a floor under the Lex Leonard Gallery at JC Studios run by a very nice guy named Pat Catino.

Here is a short sampling of the work that wass in the studio tour: (for inquiries or more information email me at

The start of my post college life blogging experience.

I am pleased to update my blog. Apologies are in order. I am not the type to blog about everything I find interesting. I think some things are better left to the human experience. I am sick and tired of being able to begin typing a question in a Google search bar such as: "Where is the best sushi in Jersey City ..." and then have ten hits about the same place. Everyone is asking questions on Yahoo or posting their entire life on their blogs or facebooks. I am all for the technological era, but I think the world should have secrets. If there are no secrets, there is nothing to attain. So lets keep our best kept secrets to ourselves and let everyone still have fun finding their eggs on Easter morning.

I post about things that are happening to me on this blog. Not about where I plan to shop for the best anything, where the best printers are, or who's who in the photo world; This is just me. I am not into fashion, no commentary here. [But really where are Michael Kors and Nina Garcia in this season's PJRunway?] No, none of this. I update when I am affected. In the most sincerest honesty, I am not the speed of the internet, nor do I want humans to adjust to it. Magical things happen but only a dozen times a year for me-not 365. Those dozen times of good magic will have posts about them.