Sunday, October 4, 2009

The start of my post college life blogging experience.

I am pleased to update my blog. Apologies are in order. I am not the type to blog about everything I find interesting. I think some things are better left to the human experience. I am sick and tired of being able to begin typing a question in a Google search bar such as: "Where is the best sushi in Jersey City ..." and then have ten hits about the same place. Everyone is asking questions on Yahoo or posting their entire life on their blogs or facebooks. I am all for the technological era, but I think the world should have secrets. If there are no secrets, there is nothing to attain. So lets keep our best kept secrets to ourselves and let everyone still have fun finding their eggs on Easter morning.

I post about things that are happening to me on this blog. Not about where I plan to shop for the best anything, where the best printers are, or who's who in the photo world; This is just me. I am not into fashion, no commentary here. [But really where are Michael Kors and Nina Garcia in this season's PJRunway?] No, none of this. I update when I am affected. In the most sincerest honesty, I am not the speed of the internet, nor do I want humans to adjust to it. Magical things happen but only a dozen times a year for me-not 365. Those dozen times of good magic will have posts about them.

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