Thursday, February 11, 2010

Emilio Perez; Olafur Eliasson; Thomas Ruff (This Thursday's Chelsea Openings)

Emilio Perez-
I personally found these paintings by Emilio Perez entitled "Breakfast By Light of the Moon" were the most captivating of all the works I saw tonight. I've been really interested in traditional processes lately. This work is nothing more than an interestingly composed and aesthetically pleasing trick with painters tape; but the sensation of this series exists in its power to transport the viewer into its wind of color. The shiny, layered texture of these paintings is also intriguing.

Olafur Eliasson - Tonya Bonakdar Gallery

Mayor Bloomberg was also at the opening, looking at the work. It was funny. I bumped shoulders with him then ran down the stairs

Thomas Ruff - David Zwirner Gallery

To make work like Thomas Ruff all you need is a computer, half a brain, and a big budget for big printing. Thanks for the beer, but the entire budget for this show, including any money Zwirner spent, should have gone to a good charity.

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