Sunday, March 21, 2010

Burning Desire - MICHAEL MAZZEO GALLERY, Chelsea

Marina Berio, Charcol on paper; the intern seemed to think that this is somehow a print of some sort, I will go with that unless someone proves both of us wrong.

Davide Cantoni, burned paper.
Caleb Charland - nice guy, genuinely interested in opinions of his work.
This is the work of Eric William Carroll, great guy that I work for at the Todd Eberle Studio. This work is beautiful, and suggests a ton about our desire to photograph the sunset. Each small photograph is either painted of screen printed with 'checkerboard' changing in color to give the illusion of one massive sunset out of smaller photographs of the same subject matter. This piece was in the front of the space, no doubt because the director found it appropriate with the show's title.

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