Sunday, March 21, 2010

Erma Yost - NoHo Gallery - Chelsea

Erma Yost is a wife to my friend and photographer Leon Yost from Jersey City. I had previously known both of their work through a friend who had collected their work, hung in their living room. One day I was working at Barry Friedman Ltd. I looked at the Gallery Guide and recognized her work in the book, as there was a published thumbnail of it in the margin. I emailed Leon about it and realized that the work was a block away. I told Leon I would try and see it, and sure enough after work I went over there. I met up with Leon who seemed to be very surprised that I came to see it so quickly. (less than an hour after I emailed him)
I do not personally know Erma, but what I can say about her work is that it is supremely beautiful, using an eclectic mix of contemporary knowledge and traditional values of decorative arts in her intricately crafted felt, stitched, and beaded works.
Occasionally in the work, you will find bits and pieces of naturally occurring materials; bird skulls and shells, which add to the delicate nature of her felt works.

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