Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tyler Clementi is a fallen Angel; Ravi & Wei are snakes.

Tyler Clementi was a student at Rutgers University. He was an accomplished violinist, a decent human being, and of course, a child of God. He was video taped unknowingly [twice] while having sex with "another dude" as Ravi puts it. Ravi & Wei then posted on twitter and facebook about how to watch the webcam stream.

Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei are the reason I am blogging about this incident. They seemed to think that the internet was a good source of communication to ruin someone's reputation, humiliate them, and make them want to die so much so that they jump off the GWB bridge.

Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei have blood on their hands and none in their hearts, these individuals are ruthless and spineless, they will most likely gag on human feces of the living and are damned to hell for six eternities--As is anyone who believes that they have a right to human indecency and humiliation.

I hardly ever publicly speak about homosexuality. It is because my views of gender are solely based within a very religiously defined outlook. Most of my contemporaries speak against Catholicism, but I do not believe that homosexuality and Catholicism need to be polar opposites. I also don't believe that the scriptures are wrong. I TRULY believe that the hate coming from Christian officials and leaders are actually the devil in disguise, as well as any human or Christian that thinks [s]he has a right to offend or humiliate anyone because of religious implications.

I believe that the scriptures of the Bible spoke out against homosexuality because the writers [man] were confused about the ramifications of gender, and that God was not necessarily speaking against homosexuality, but against the violent and apocalyptic rippling effect that homosexuality would have on the people who refuse to understand its principles.

In tern, I also believe that the belief in increased homosexuality being a sign of the rise of the apocalypse to be true---However, I do not believe it in the way that most people understand that signal. I believe that the devil has been able to infiltrate man's understandings of the scriptures in such a way that our brothers and sisters here on earth will actually begin to hate each other. Our definitions of sex, sexuality, and gender are so far removed from light and truth that it has become more important to mankind to dwell on 'otherness' as the source of damnation rather than redefining the definitions of love and friendship for all mankind. The overwhelming sense of negative energy surrounding sex for both straight and gay partners is blatantly clear. Love is harder to attain in 2010, or absent altogether. Social stigma surround all parties. All are damned. The devil is here and clearly visible, but God is Love, so find it.

My blog isn't going anywhere. Their names will hopefully bring up this blog in google unless they pay to have it taken off. Their shame should eat their organs from the inside-out as they fester in sadness for the rest of their insipid lives.

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