Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Blue Chapel

The Blue Chapel- photos by A.B. Bovasso
for purposes of restoration by the National Registry

I have been involved in an ongoing project to restore the Blue Chapel in Union City. This chapel served as the home for cloistered nuns in constant prayer for a number of decades, possibly over a century?

I was discovered by Leon Yost after my studio tour opening back in 2009 at JC Studios where I was showing my Dan McNulty project. He saw that I had a nack for history and historic preservation so he called me one day in efforts to get me to photograph the Blue Chapel with John Gomez of the Jersey City Landmarks Conservancy. Leon could not do it himself because he was out of town that weekend, and at the time the project was do or die that day and super hush hush.

These are the images that will be used to apply for the registry of historic places in order to properly renovate and rehabilitate the building. When I began work with the Dan McNulty project, I had hoped that I could be somewhat responsible for preserving lost historic gems within out neighborhoods, and it looks like I've been able to make those connections happen.


  1. Are renovations going to be done any time soon?

  2. Are renovations going to be done any time soon?