Thursday, January 28, 2010

Weird NJ just got weirder.

The Mystery of Saint Joseph's Church is something that has boggled Jersey City for almost 100 years. I recently went to a slideshow given by local photographer Leon Yost about Jersey City in the old days. Apparently I was the only one there who wasn't over 60.

Anyhow. So this creepy church... I always thought the photograph of the church in 1921 was obviously a darkroom creation. Until I saw the image taken in 2005 by Leon Yost who would never edit something like that in the darkroom, and I am pretty sure this image is actually digital anyway- Of which I am doubly sure he wouldn't edit because he is exclusively traditional and just very Leon.

Also - there is a really creepy story about a man who went to check about the source of the lights. I may have the story wrong but I believe Leon said he was with him and he went to check the lights, climbed up the ladder to the steeple [photo below - note the cruciform light at the top also interesting] and when he reached the top he died of heart failure, I may be wrong but I believe this was 2005, I will double check with Leon.

There is a puddle on the floor in this image. This could potentially break the whole mystery with an insipid dose of scientific evidence. However, Leon believes that this puddle has nothing to do with the light source. I would have to study this area myself to make any conclusions, but I trust a fellow photographer on his words--These kinds of eyes are very perceptive and investigative.

These images are courtesy of Leon Yost 2005.
leon yost

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