Sunday, April 11, 2010

RM Fischer artist talk

RM Fischer is friend and father of BFF Dena Paige Fischer. Ronnie, (is it okay if I call you Ronnie on the internet?), is a New York artist that has been making work since the early 70's and has a very interesting evolution of how he defines his art as an artist, and what his art has done for both communities, and for his own personal definitions of what art can do, or shouldn't do.
PNC Bank Bulding in Philadelphia. Two steeples made by a mass producing steeple company attached to building horizontally. I think that this piece specifically speaks to how Ronnie's work is created and conceived. Traditionally, a church steeple is created to be the tall monument that dots the landscape in order to feel closer to God. However, in RM world, these implications are cast to the wind as he asks the audience to please forget the religious implications of this object and understand it's truer form in respect to the object itself. Unfortunately for the new brand of university driven conceptual artists who work slave away like termites with thinking caps, his work is not an overly convoluted sculpture damaged by institutional thinking. His work just simply is composed object.

Battery Park City

MacArthur Park, CA
Kansas City
Inspiration for newer work! I like that Ronnie finds a lot of his inspiration from younger genres and just simply likes stuff, as opposed to some people who make very pretentious connections to their art inspirations and their own work.

Newer work, recently on view at KS Art in SoHo. Work was rated as as part of Jerry Saltz's Top Ten Art in New York for 2009.

I think that Ronnie's talk at MICA was a breath of fresh air for the students there. Sometimes students need to hear something that isn't washed over with bullshit, like most of the art talks at MICA, and hear about something that is a passion for the arts, about making the life of the artist work for you in whatever ways possible, and to cut down on the unnecessary pretentious lingo.

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