Sunday, April 11, 2010

Select Gender; Farmani Gallery

Curated by Paolo Morales, Elle Perez, and Rafael Soldi; This show is an example of the kind of thought process it takes to make a great curated show by young and upcoming artist curators. I won't allow myself to say anything more than that, as I don't want Elle, Raf, and Paolo's heads to explode too fast. Show explores gender in a number of ways through the medium of photography and digital medias. Located at the 111 Front Street (Brooklyn) gallery building, you can see many other shows as well; right AFTER you check out this one of course at Farmani Gallery. Work is a great collection, pieces that delve into the GENDER spectrum, something that I feel people without such knowledge don't really know exists. It is my opinion that gender should be introduced to grade school children at the same time they learn about sexual reproduction.
MICA picture at opening: Top left to bottom right; Momma Kate Burnley, Elle Perez, Rafael Soldi, Alexander Heilner, Chris Simpson, Iris Litwin, Andrew Bovasso, J. Aiden Simon.

Another MICAn and artist in Select Gender, Nick Dijanji
Elle Perez and coffee drinker and photographer Sean Scheidt, also works as MICA photo tech lab manager.
Senior Portrait; Sarah Sudhoff
Inspired by Edward Weston 1; Inspired by Paul Strand; Kate Hutchinson

Billy and Albert; Jamil Hellu

Untitled (Blue Shirt); J. Aiden Simon
Garden; Katie Koti
Alyssa and Alea; Diane Russo
The Escort; Coquette; Miss Coffee; Circle of Men; Carl Bower
Nick (from Basement Warrior series); Dan Aguirre

After seeing this show, I walked back into Manhattan on the Brooklyn Bridge, officially my first time on the pedestrain walkway. And it was pretty magical.

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