Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Art That Moves You - Work of Art Episode 5

If I were Bravo, I would have named this episode Innie, Audi...

I like that Jaime Lynn was nervous about driving in New York. The way she said “I’ve never driven in New York” made it seem like she accepted this as her very own mini-challenge. I wish that was the only challenge she had to complete for this episode because her illustration was horrible.

Audi Forum? Now I have lost hope in the platform of this show, at least for a week. The challenge was based solely on the idea that Audi needed some face time on the show for being such a blatant benefactor; not only was this obvious, but the challenge had nothing to do with Audi, but the moments the artists spent in the Audi. Wow.

Of course Jackie has been inspired by men looking at her in the window of the Audi Forum. I mean obviously. What else was there?

and uhm... match made in Urban Outfitters heaven?

Or hell.

I've been reading, and I love, Jerry Saltz's blog on Vulture (Eating Pop Culture) NY Mag Online. Each week he responds to each episode, but he keeps refering to Abdi as this graduate of Maryland Institute College of Art, and I have to correct Jerry on that, Abdi did not go to MICA. If he did he would (hopefully and theoretically) know a little more about art history. He would maybe have been able to reference work like Hank WIllis Thomas, who has dealt with branding geared toward African Americans in particular, and would have known to surpass that expectation.

Erik is jealous of Jackie and I think it’s funny. As per his comment about Jackie not being smart enough and benefiting from everyone else in the studio for advice, I think that Jackie really already knows what she wants to do, she just wants to touch base with people in the studio, if not to bounce ideas off of her peers, its to make them watch her dance around the studio. (allegedly)

I loved Jackie’s piece this week. Not aesthetically. I think her use of the mirrors was tired and Jeannie’s reaction to them was startling given the fact that this ‘including the viewer with mirrors’ trick has been used widely throughout the art world. I like this project only for the fact that I haven't seen Jackie depict men directly with her art work. I am glad that she finally gave it a try and am happy that she got a win.

Mark’s painting would have been good if he was applying to art school—same with his photography.

Poor Ryan! He’s funny, I agree with the way Bravo has been editing him as the goofy funny guy, but his art is a little silly too.

Miles, honestly. I think I understand his project responses, though. He is smart at making projects that are interesting to look at with very little though as to how far he is actually delving into a deeper place. He glosses the surface with safe work that creates the illusion of a finished piece, which he ends up doing well, but like I said, it's an illusion. I used to do this kind of work in art school. It's work that you'd quickly think up the night before some random piece was due for whatever nuance-specific studio course you were taking. Its all about making the sweetest statements with the least amount of physical effort.


If I had more time I would have had more fun with this project. I tried to mimic the show's challenge as best I could, sans the new Audi ride in the city, not only because I don't have access to an Audi, but I also don't have a license and am against the use of automobiles for personal use, ha, but because I also limit my art making to the span of the of the hour of each new episode. In the end I decided to take pictures of the nine different things I dealt with during the day, and made the layer's opacity correlate how how much that particular subject matter dominated the day.

I know. So wack. But so was the challenge.

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  1. Andrew, as usual I love your written reaction. But I have comments for your piece.

    Your concept is interesting, and it has a real potential for a little bit of narrative. I think I would like to see narrative in the finish, and maybe that's just the way my mind works. It turned into being noise, and there are some nice things happening as far as volume and depth go, with that diagonal slashing the bottom left corner, but it could be pushed. I have trouble finding the focus here, and so for me it is not a successful composition.

    Maybe if the colors weren't so muddy? I dunno the more I look at it the more spots I see that I really want to hold on to, but I can't because they're too... muddy or something.