Thursday, August 12, 2010

And the winner is...

(I'm going to have to take credit on inverting this image)

Abdi Farah is the Next Grea...

...wait a minute. The is honestly no way that the show's title holds water, so calling him the next 'great artist' would be lying, but his work was good enough for the solo show at the Brooklyn Museum.

Of course, I am enthralled that Miles did not win the finale. With that said, I would have to say that I was disappointed with some things that Abdi decided to include in his final show, as well as Peregrines cohesive in-cohesiveness.

As far as Abdi’s work, I will wait until after Saturday to critique it, because I found a ‘way in’ to the Brooklyn Museum opening! For now, I will say that some of his work is compelling, like the black bag painting, and to a larger degree, the sculpted forms, but mostly these successful pieces remind me far too much of work and subject matter executed by other artists.

Abdi, uploaded some of your slides upside-down. I'd ask somebody to recheck that.

Peregrine’s work was very original. I thought that the vomit drawings were grotesque, and made me very uneasy. Her sculptures in wax were also very haunting. My only issue with this body of work was that some of the pieces seemed like ‘unsuspecting objects’ that were ‘conned’ into being art.

Frightening as all hell.

However, one of these objects—the unborn twins—worked well, even after being conned. It was a truly beautiful photograph… I wonder if she commissioned someone to take it, or if she in fact created this work.
Also being conned into being art was Mile’s White Castle bum. How disturbing—and I am speaking about Miles, not the work. I have a serious problem with people taking pictures of the homeless—for they don’t own the home that defines the privacy that makes it illegal for photographers to photograph them in vulnerable states.

I have always found photographers who exploit the homeless to be extremely selfish. The saving grace was his distance from the subject, which was a view through a surveillance video; this idea, for me, became a perplexing statement about privacy and right to privacy that kind of tickled me strangely.

What’s worse is that this homeless man died while Miles sketchily took pictures of him for every Bravo TV fan to then scrutinize. If Miles had won I’d have suggested donating his money to the Salvation Army. OH YEAH, and his abstraction prints were as bad as an intense mushroom trip that you realized you were allergic to the mushrooms after you ate them and have to go to the hospital in an ambulance—that’s how much I hated those prints.

It’s been great blogging week to week about WANGA. I’ve made some interesting acquaintances along the way and ran into about 35% of this seasons cast. It was an interesting season, yet the producers left very little to the imagination about the direction of the show. I mean it was basically exactly the same as Project Runway. Tim—I mean Simon—even did studio visits in the finale episode.

For the next season, I would like to see more opportunities and challenge wins during the season for the artists. Penguin Books was not enough, and the public art piece that Nicole lead during the group challenge didn’t even stay on site after the show aired. Let’s face it… this season was the trial run, and it was okay. But next time around, just be smart and pick me during auditions. I’m sure 50% of the kinks will be worked out after that. Just kidding... or am I?

And just for fun, I decided to include a little funny tidbit, one last time, indirectly about Jackie:

Her painting, Untitled, herself and Shaina.

Me and Shaina in the funniest picture I have ever used as my FB profile shot. Enjoy... until next time.


  1. yayyyyyy shaina back dat azzzz up

  2. Miles made pixel art! Didn't we all do that in emac?