Sunday, August 8, 2010

World Trade Center; ongoing project update

I've made a previous posting recently about my ongoing World Trade Center series of images made at ground zero. Is it even a 'ground zero' anymore? I've been focusing on probably five different categories at the same time when I shoot down there. The five categories are a direct reflection of things constantly happening or existing at the site at all times:The Photographer,The Fence, Hard Hats, Underground, and 9/11 Culture (yet to process culture shots)

Photographs are processed traditionally in a darkroom at my home in Jersey City.

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The Photographer is constantly making images here. I focus on culture around the Trade Center, as well as the need to photograph beyond the fence.

The Fence is an extreme barrier between the public and the monumental site. The streets between Church and W Broadway on Vesey are frequented by PATH train riders and pedestrians visiting the site. The street is never empty.

Hard Hats are what help me distinguish pedestrians from construction workers. They walk differently through this site. I may be drawing upon my own sentiments, but it seems as if the workers walk around these streets as if they have a strong attachment the site; it's something about their demeanor.

Underground the World Trade Center, riding on the PATH train from Jersey has always been a wonder to me. I wish I had been photographing since I was 16, because I used to ride the PATH into WTC when there was still debris from the towers at Ground Zero. Over the years, the tracks have slowly become completely enveloped in the darkness of the new construction at the site. Now, all that is seen from the train are the under-workings of WTC 1.

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