Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fall line up... Artist at work!

I have a couple of things going on to open up my motivation for good work this coming fall. I start at Barry Friedman Ltd after Labor Day, and I have at least three exhibits of my work lined up for the fall (with hopefully more to come). I'm heavily involved in my Tik-Tok of Oz and World Trade Center series and keep coming up with some exciting results --so I expect more to come from the muses.

Photolust at Photo Center NW in Seattle is an an annual auction held to raise funds for this great organization. I was able to donate my piece for the Miniatures Show to coincide with the live auction. I was able to contribute due to my good friend Rafael's involvement with the organization and the auction itself. My piece, First Window was created in 2007, the edition of 5 silver gelatin 8 x10 contact prints from the 4x5 negative were printed in July of 2010. The edges of the negative have been burned out.

My piece Dorothy Leaving [Oz] was accepted to be a part of Psycopomp! group art show at Curious Matter in Downtown Jersey City. Each of the 18 prints were made consecutively in the darkroom, paper contact printed from the image that came before it, resulting in an end result of a harmonious grey, a reference to the many times the word 'grey' is used in the first few pages of the original novel by L. Frank Baum, as well as a return to the grey of Kansas, and the slow death of the image itself.
I have the Jersey City Artists Studio Tour coming up in the beginning of October. I'll be showing at least one new piece from Tik-Tok, and Conversations With Dan McNulty in Jersey City, to promote possible sales of my newly published book on the full series... the book includes full maps and pinpoint locations to each image triptych in the series. I don't feel that blurb books are too easy to sell widely, but Jersey City residents are usually very receptive to this project and really love to see it.

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