Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I have a job interveiw tomorrow so it might be a little bit before I am able to post my Work of Art visual response/recap. But rest assured that I am typing tidbit notes as I am currently watching the show... I can't believe that Peregrine is in the final, I don't even really want to talk about it.

Until tomorrow, here's a picture taken recently at a Chelsea gallery opening last Friday when I met WANGA contestant, Judith Braun. She was really great to meet!--Very animated and exciting to talk to.

She was accompanied by Robin Rollin, (Judith in the zesty colors, of course), Bill Benson, and Paddy Johnson who, among her many endeavors in the arts, is the creator of Art Fag City. All of these people started chuckling at me when I tapped Judith as asked if I could please take a picture of her. (and it was great... because I totally expected it)


In other news, Jackie Santos gained some airtime on Chelsea Lately, which airs on the E! network. Click on the following link to watch exactly how 'inspired' Chelsea was after viewing Jackie's feminine control piece.

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