Sunday, August 1, 2010

Road Side Memorial - Gabriella Giselle Camejo

Roadside Memorial
Gabriella Giselle Camejo

My good friend Gaby was killed our senior year at MICA when she crossed the street with my other good friend Kent Miller who was injured, but survived. For whatever reason, ever since then I periodically write my thoughts about the experience, or create visual works expressing my concern about the situation. I never truly was able to recover from the experience as I am sure many of my friends who were close to her also cannot. Emotions that could never truly be expressed through a blog. I created this work for Suzanne Camejo, Gaby's mother.

The print is a pictogram of a tracing of an image of Gabriella, with the following flowers overlaid on the print. A negative was created with Ilford paper in the dakroom, and a positive was printed from the paper negative.

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  1. Lovely Andrew! I keep coming back to you and your memories of Gabriella. You are a loyal and true friend unafraid to confront the horror of a friend's passing. Ever day I thank you and that small core group of friends who remember Gabriella in large and lasting ways that remind us all of who she was and what a positive, giving, loving and unique human Gabby was.