Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It's a Small Small World, It's a CLUSTERFUCK; Hennessy Youngman's breath of fresh air in Chelsea at Family Business Gallery

Click above to see the original call for entries which was obviously hilarious.

Here's the official invitation for the exhibition. (click above)

HONK (I'm sorry I had to say it)

Photograph of doorway by Andrew Blaize Bovasso in the midst of a tornado of other art hopefuls.

Excuse me Miss, are you allowing photography? (Not a sound) Okay!

Where he belongs.

Lobster drawing by Katia DAVID Rosenthal.





Maurizio Cattelan and Marilyn Minter

Where I left my bud, 2012; digital image; varying dimensions. (I'm calling this one art)

Katia DAVID made this image of me and Maurizio Cattelan possible. As I snuck behind him to try and snap a photograph, I noticed that David was taking pictures the entire time and got a little freakishly excited. (As described above)

Me and David

Above: one of the included artists decided to take polariod images of all the artists in the show that she could possibly meet within the crowd that night. All in all - a great event that had everyone feeling a part of it. Small-small world.

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